Important Information—Good To Know.

# 1

Please note that road conditions may change from day to day. As a matter of safety, we may occasionally close roads to our rental vehicles. Please refer to your map or ask your Dollar agent for any current closures.

# 2

The solid lines on your map indicate paved roads. You are welcome to drive on any public paved road that you wish. You must be in a vehicle equipped with four wheel drive while traveling on any unpaved roads. Please remember that once you leave town, there will be no running water or telephone facilities so be sure to take all the food, water and toiletries that you need with you.

# 3

We invite you to enjoy our island and ask for your aid in preserving this treasure by not touching or disturbing any archeological or Native Hawaiian site or petroglyph. For the enjoyment of all, we ask that everything that you take out with you come back with you since trash receptacles will not be found outside of the city.

# 4

Please remember that you will be travelling through privately-owned lands during your off-road experience and that you will be sharing these roads with others. Off-road etiquette asks that you slow down while approaching and passing others on the road to minimize dust.


You are likely to encounter a myriad of wildlife during your explorations. You are invited to stop and enjoy our wildlife where the roadway permits. We have more Asian Axis deer on Lana‘i than we have people. These deer can be found virtually anywhere on the island. It is not unlikely to find them on the grounds of your hotel and even in the outskirts of the city. Our other big game mammal is Mouflon. These greatly resemble European Big Horn sheep and are generally found in the lower altitudes of our island. A note of caution—these animals are most active at dusk and dawn. We suggest you give both of these big game, vehicle damaging animals the right of way at all times. You will also encounter many bird species. Wild Turkey, Gray Francolin, Ring Neck Pheasant, doves and Pue‘o (Hawaiian Owl) are among the most common.

Well, all there is left between you and your Safari destination is your 4 X 4 Jeep. Please familiarize yourself with the operation of this Jeep before you start. Directions for engaging the 4 wheel drive are on the back of the drivers sun visor. And now,... enjoy your Lana‘i Safari, take lots of pictures and... please drive carefully!