Polihua Beach

Approximate driving time from Lana‘i City: 2 hours R/T

The farthest most northwestern point on Lana‘i

Continuing on the same dirt road toward the north western shoreline it is about 30 minutes down to Polihua beach. Keep a sharp lookout for Mouflon, which resembles European Big Horn Sheep in this area. Please drive slowly around the blind corners. Traffic coming up from the beach might seemingly appear out of nowhere.

Soon you'll reach Polihua beach. Turn left as you reach the beach toward the end of the trail. It's a short walk to the end of the beach, the farthest most northwestern point on Lana‘i. This is the place where the green sea turtles used to lay their eggs. Lately they seem to have moved to the northern Hawai‘ian Islands which are uninhabited. There can be very strong currents here; nicknamed "The Tahitian Express". Swimming can be very dangerous.

Returning to your jeep, feel free to drive to the north end of this trail. Do not drive on the beach. It is often soft in unexpected spots and most likely you’ll spend a lot of time digging yourself out. You'll find that the first spot you visited is more protected from the strong trades then this end of the beach. To return to Lana‘i City just retrace your steps.