E Komo Mai Lana‘i. Welcome to Lana‘i.

In the center of the Pacific is Hawai‘i. In the center of Hawai‘i is Lana‘i.

Lana‘i, with 141 square miles, is the sixth largest of the Hawaiian Islands. It is also the most recent to experience the change Нил from agriculture to tourism. At one time, Lana‘i was the world's largest pineapple plantation with over 16,000 acres under cultivation.

Nicknamed "The Pineapple Island"

Lana‘i still grows some of the sweetest pineapple in the world but only for local consumption. With two of the world's finest hotels, Lana‘i is quickly becoming one of the premier resort destinations in the Pacific. Lana‘i’s climate adds to its uniqueness. From the cool and misty uplands of Lana‘i City, where most of Lana‘i's residents live, to the sunny warm beaches that ring the 47 miles of coastline, Lana‘i's climate seems to change continually. But one thing doesn't change on Lana‘i; the warmth and friendliness of the people who call Lana‘i home!

They still greet each other and visitors alike with a friendly wave and a smile whenever they meet. So, welcome to this very special place. Enjoy your stay, enjoy this island, enjoy the many activities, but most importantly, enjoy the island's greatest treasure—its People!